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Kos Transfer Services

Considering costumer’s needs and requirements we supply 9seater to 20seater minibus hire. Our fully supplied minibuses guarantee safe and carefree transportation.

They offer executive comfort, air-conditioning and a generous luggage compartment.

Minibus hire is recommended for round trips, night outs, cruise port transportation and routes from the airport to the hotels and back on a daily basis. Ideal for moving large numbers of people for meetings, congresses and events of all kinds or, if desired, for VIP private transfer to several places around the island.

We also serve routes for sightseeing and shopping in the city and around Kos Island.

This page is currently under construction.

We are delighted to introduce you to our expanding range of touristic and travel services. We aim to provide one of the best minibus hire and contract experience in the island of Kos so our clients-whether they are part of a certain group or as individuals-can experience all given opportunities to explore the island of Kos, meet several places and gain as much as possible from this visit in our island.

We guarantee the highest quality for our services and safety for your transferring. Rely on us for a carefree visit in Kos Island and a memorable vacation!